You may not be fond of garlic breath, but garlic breath is indicative of a very healthy individual. If you’re a fan of living longer with fewer health problems, then garlic should be a regular part of your diet. And if that isn’t enough to sway you, keep in mind that you can fend off vampires with garlic—and having a dearth of people sucking your blood is definitely a health benefit. Garlic provides a health boost in a variety of ways, offering antioxidant boosts and balancing the nutrients in your body. Read on to learn four things garlic can offer you despite its strong smell.

1. Detox and Immune System Boost




Garlic is killer—literally. It gets rid of 23 types of bacteria thanks to allicin, its most powerful compound. The best part is that it only kills the bad bacteria and leaves the good bacteria in your body to work their wonders. This places it a step above antibiotics, which kill all of the bacteria in your body and hinder your ability to resist negative health effects. From coughs and colds to salmonella, chickenpox, and measles, garlic treats a wide variety of illnesses. It also curbs chronic diseases such as diabetes, digestive problems, and heart disease (see number 3). With enough garlic in your system, you will no longer have to rely on antibiotics and other medications.

2. Anti-Inflammatory


In addition to killing bacteria, garlic kills inflammation. If you’re dealing with swelling of any type, garlic can help. It has been used to shrink hemorrhoids and improve arthritis and joint swelling. And it’s all due to a surprise ingredient—sulfur. Two sulfuric properties in garlic—diallyl sulfide and thiacremonone—work to alleviate inflammatory conditions, solving health problems like blocked airways due to allergies and even obesity, which is largely recognized to be caused by inflammation of fat cells.

3. Heart Health


Raw garlic lowers blood pressure. It also prevents blood clots and improves circulation by thinning your blood. Because of this, a diet high in garlic can allow you to address heart problems without medications. On top of these, garlic reduces cholesterol and therefore lowers your chances of developing heart disease later in life. Because it enables your heart to work more efficiently through a variety of factors, garlic is integral to maintaining your health and earning a longer lifespan. In short, garlic is one of the best natural foods for healing and preventing a variety of heart problems.

4. Bug Repellant


If you’re outside a lot, you may want to consider eating garlic and rubbing it on your skin to keep the bugs at bay—it’s better and cheaper than any bug spray. Mosquitos will stay away from you, sparing you the annoyance of itchy bites. Garlic can also work as a natural pesticide, keeping bugs away from your plants just as effectively as it keeps bugs away from you. Enriching your garden with garlic will keep both bugs and chemicals away from your food, allowing you to eat in a healthier, more sustainable manner.

5. Weight Loss

There has been a lot of research into the weight loss benefits of eating garlic. You can learn more about how it helps and the ways you can better prepare it in-depth here: Does garlic help with weight loss?


A video showing 15 garlic benefits:



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