Get To Know Basil And The Great Benefits It Embrace

If you love cooking, then you must have come across the ‘king of herbs’ which is the term many chefs give basil. India is considered as the source of this special spice and has been cultivated here for over 5 millennia. Its usage was widespread in India and the Far East. The spice was commonly used in the ancient Greek times and more so in the commemoration of the finding of the True Cross by St. Helena. These celebrations were held during the Feast of The Cross which very much involved the Emperor and the royalty. Basil that means king got its name from being regarded as a royalty spice. Many people over the centuries have used basil in their kitchens and for very many other purposes. In the kitchen, basil has been regarded as the king of herbs because of the pungent sweet smell it affords food. Some of the areas that this spice is used include; In cooking – Basil is used in many countries even though some such as Italy, France, Thailand, and Laos among others have a…
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